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Mlb Betting Odds Explained

If they don’t, there won’t be any action on run lines and totals or over/unders. When betting on baseball, you often need to pick between listed pitchers, one pitcher, or action. Betting odds and lines from a sportsbook can be confusing at first, but they aren’t that hard to understand. In order to help you understand betting odds, we will use +1.5 as an example.

In this example, the moneyline on the favorite Cardinals was -158 on Tuesday. Since the favorite is considered the team with the better chance to win, a winning wager will usually pay out less than the original amount wagered. A favorite is typically listed at -1.5, meaning that they would need to win by at least two runs to cover the runline.

If you are just a casual baseball bettor, you likely are just familiar with moneyline betting. You might see a moneyline that has the favorite at something like -140 and the underdog at +120. That means that if you were going to bet on the favorite, then you would have to bet $140 to win $100. And if you were going to bet on the underdog, then you would win $120 for every $100 you bet. Obviously, a favorite of -200 would be seen to be much more likely to win than -140, and an underdog of +200 would be much less likely to win than one that is +120. To win a bet on New York, they would have to lose by no more than one.

As one of the most popular styles of MLB betting, oddsmakers project a combined total run amount from both of the teams playing in a given contest. A bettor must only select whether they believe the total number of runs at the end of the game will be higher or lower than the projections. Because there are only two options, the odds are generally close to even, with the exception of the vigorish. Oddsmakers may also set a run total line on individual MLB teams to give more betting options.

On the flip side, lower-scoring sports like hockey and baseball utilize moneylines more frequently since games are closer in score by nature. The point spread indicates how much the professional bookmakers think the better team will win by. As we mentioned before, the point spread doesn’t factor directly into your moneyline bet but it is worth considering when trying to figure out if a moneyline offers good value. The negative number tells you how much you have to bet on the favorite in order to win $100 in profit. When you’re done you’ll have no trouble not only reading the betting lines but also understanding how to get the best value from this fundamental bet.

It is not uncommon for sports betting websites to offer wagers for entertainment events such as the Grammy Awards, the Oscars, and the Emmy Awards. To put it simply, a money line wager is betting on who will win the game. Unlike the points spread and totals bets, the money line is in no way concerned with how many points are scored or the margin of victory. For example, during the 2020 season many sportsbooks carried odds on how many Houston Astros players were going to get hit by pitches during the season.

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